My name is Oliver Forward. I was born and brought up in the deep piney woods of East Texas. My family consisted of ten members, my father, mother, four boys and four girls. We all lived in a small framed house right off the west side of the Sabine River.

Often times the sun would penetrate through the thick gray clouds, because of heated rays from the sun, it would ambush the beautiful petals that decorated the dogwood trees. The fragrance being pushed out by a gale force wind, as the aroma invaded the entire community and leaving a haze that intoxicated my young inquisitive mind.

As a result, Mother Nature’s wisdom, bow and arrows of love pierced my heart for the very first time, creating in me this unrelenting force to write about love. This world has been overtaken by many negative views. But, what we all need is love.

Therefore, I invite you into my world, as you read these poems, you’ll uncover and experience captivating emotions, based around romance from the mind of this author, and all the joy and peace that love can invoke.

Remember, true love cannot be measured, when it is has been emptied from the heart.